Monday, 30 March 2015

Teaching the basics.

Today was a little better and my mini-teen more relaxed. It seemed promising when he woke up and dressed himself without prompting.  Of course he put on three of the new sets of clothes I bought until he was happy with the final result. That one was the "most teenage" one.
As the morning went on we had some stressful episodes.  The usual autism stuff, especially as he is out of routine.
He was calm enough just before dinner so I used this time to start looking at our growing folder again and see how much he remembered.

He knows this one by heart now and can tell me picture by picture how teenagers smell, its not nice. We shower, wear deodrant etc and people are happy. 

This one shows the stages of the bodies changes as we grow up. He could tell me which one he is, and what he'll soon be. He knew there was going to be changes in his body including hair, spots etc

In this one it has a list of body parts and he labels each one. teaching him the proper terminolgy for future needs.  He knew the basics but also thought it improtant to show me his elbows, legs and knees. This is also a good one to show where are private body parts. I have the same picture with his groin area in red.  The female version would have breast and groin.  I havent gotten into privacy yet so thats not needed for now.

We looked at this one briefly to show him that female changes are a little different. The get spots etc too but they develop breasts and dont have a penis even though they have hair there too.  I didnt go into it too much but he just showed me what boys dont have and I left it at that.  Im also going to need him to know whats private for girls and why he never, ever touches a girl there.  I dont need that phone call from school or respite services.

It went very positive and he even came down after dinner for a shower. And told me where he had to keep clean and why.
Cant ask for more than that can I? 

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