Sunday, 29 March 2015

Bad weekend seems like an understement

Wow. What a weekend. Normally Id be saying thank god that's over and roll on school tomorrow but wouldn't you know its the Easter holidays and he has two weeks off. Two weeks of no school, little routine or structure. I always dread these breaks, unfortunately I'm not one of them mothers who look forward to these school breaks and plan multiple activities to do with him.  I wish I could be that mother.  I'm the mother who is counting the days and hours until the school bus pulls up the Monday hes back.

This weekend was a weekend of screaming. Non stop screaming. His frustration is through the roof and his obsessions are getting so extreme.  Saturday for the entire day he was freaking out because I couldnt turn him into a cadbury chocolate finger puppet.  And I couldnt take him to chocolate finger land! We can thank youtube for that one.  He has no concept of reality and pretend and no matter how much I tried to explain it too him he just got angrier and angrier.

Sunday was worse. After a night of little sleep, he woke up wired. Everything annoyed him.  I got to escape as he had ripped up most of his clothes the day before and I had to restock his wardrobe.  A pointless exercise but he does need to be dressed. From the second I got back it was full on. Because I cant pack up and move him to America he absolutely lost it. I managed to stop him hurting anyone but my brain was fried. I found the most pathetic excuse to go to the supermarket and ended up sitting in the car park for as long as i could manage before going home again. Its been forever since I've done that! I didn't even have the energy to cry I was that tired. Should have stayed longer because the second I was back in the door he was back in my face.  In the end I just stopped answering him but he was on repeat.

If this is hormones I'm holding out little hope for me surviving puberty with him. Maybe its the male version of PMS? Is that a real thing? Then it would only be a few days a month right? Heres hoping.


  1. It sounds almost unbearable for both of you :( Just hope that things will calm as he matures and the hormones settle down x

  2. Not fun at all. Do you think it is more high anxiety rather than puberty?