Thursday, 18 June 2015

Boys get PMS too right?

So I think I may have jinxed myself after the last blog. He went from the dream pre-teen to be the nightmare pre-teen almost immediately.  I knew it'd happen.  It always does. I dont know what happened but it was an awful few days. Little sleep, alot of aggression, alot of emotion and a hell of alot of shouting.

It got me thinking, If he was a girl Id think he was getting his period.  Maybe if I just had chocolate on a drip he'd calm down.  It only lasted a few days and hes back to being my regular boy. Mainly happy in his own world with his short bouts of emotion. His hormones are rolling around in there. More hair has grown.  Thank god hes very proud of that.  Im finding myself reminding him alot more than usual to take his hands out of pants, or hes adjusting himself more. Of course I've checked hes not sore. Physically theres no "change" but his hands are spending alot of time down there.  I think its time to get the social story ready, but where do you even start. Hes not "playing" with anything yet, I think it might feel weird if hes getting any sensations or hes changing.

These few days of torment though, everyone has commented on how he regresses for a week or so and then hes back to himself. Just like PMS right? Boys have hormones just like girls. I wonder do they get something that sets the moods off? It would certainly makes sense.
According to google its IMS! Irritable Male Syndrome.  Its certainly true. My ten year old has IMS. Oh Crap!

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