Thursday, 3 March 2016

Signs of a teenager

We suddenly have more signs of puberty other than behaviour. Body changes are very slowly becoming more obvious and he seems to be aware as well as us. There is a lot more hair in places even though he's still not happy that facial hair hasn't shown up.

My preteen 11 year old by has gotten his first spots. I'm lucky he wants to grow up though, normally something like this would bother him. And he has managed to leave them alone. He was worried they would be sore but so far so good.
I haven't managed to introduce a skin care routine yet as his skin is very sensitive in cold weather and I'm afraid to mess with it yet. We just have his usual Aqueas cream moisturiser and we are applying that with no problems thankfully.

I guess I'm going to have to find good products for young skin and do up a schedule. He's still very forgetful with deodorant so I've a feeling this is going to take a lot of supervision and prompting.

I found him looking at the growing up book I bought him so I've a feeling things are starting to feel different too him. Its a very basic, picture style book which is very to the point, although some of the pictures shocked me at first. But it exactly what he needs as he cant read the usual factual style books and isn't fond of me reading to him.

So far this puberty thing is manageable but we haven't really gotten to the embarrassing stuff yet. The worst has been reminding him to take his hands out of his pants and I think all boys do that anyway.