Monday, 25 April 2016

Hormones-The good, the bad and the ugly

My very big pre-teen is now 11 and hormones have most definitely kicked in! Unfortunately a combination of medication and an addiction to food means his weight has become a huge issue mainly health wise, which in turn means his size and strength are an issue.

Even at 11 I've noticed an interest in girls has kicked off but hes struggling to learn or to want to learn appropriate social interaction. At a recent swimming lesson he took great interest in a teenage get together. It was great because he was delighted to show off his swimming skills, but awkward when he wanted to join in with them. And we turned a few heads as he cheered in their races very loudly. But hey, any social interest is a good thing right?
Unfortunately it was after the lesson when he invited about ten girls into the changing room to "lets go get dressed" that you realise the real problem. He doesn't look like a little eleven year old. He looks about 15, it is obvious theres something different but to a stranger it must be a little uncomfortable.  So I braved the mens changing room and from now on that's where I'll be.

He's also started to get his first few teenage spots. At first he was quite happy but has started to pick them. I need to get started on a social story and picture schedule for cleansing his face but his mood swings has left me with little time or motivation.  On that note, I also need to get one made for his hands out of trousers.

The bad side of his hormones which has hit with an almighty bang is his unbelievable mood swings. He can get so angry or so emotional with no prior warning and its causing massive problems. In school, at home, in respite.  His poor care worker was out with concussion after an unsuccessful trip out and she never came back. Respite has had to recruit more adults for his nights and school is a nightmare.  Its draining at home, waiting for the phone to ring with another incident report or waiting for him to kick off here. Everyone is telling me this will settle down and that's the only thing keeping me going. We've switched medication to a stronger one but I'm still not sure its helped. I had a scratched up face for answering a question he asked.
He was never a social child but he's retreating into himself more and everyone is on edge as to when he will kick off. Its very hard on younger siblings as they can barely talk and he screams at them. So we've put a lot of hope on a giant weighted blanket.

I was worried the sexual part of puberty was going to be a nightmare, I never took into account his mood swings.

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